Florida Veteran Health Heroes

Spouses of active-duty members of the United States Armed Forces may be eligible to receive a professional license to practice their health care profession in Florida, allowing the opportunity to work in their respective profession while their spouse is assigned to a duty station in Florida. To reduce the barrier of entry into a profession, the state eliminated its use of issuing temporary licenses for active-duty spouses in 2022 and shifted to issuing full professional licenses. LICENSURE RENEWAL PROVISIONS In 1997, a provision was enacted that allows active-duty military members to place their license on military status, which keeps the license in good standing without requiring the service member to renew or pay renewal fees during the duration of the service member's active-duty service. ACTIVE-DUTY SPOUSES FEE WAIVER 07 MEDICAL QUALITY ASSURANCE | 2023 FLORIDA VETERAN HEALTH HEROES MILITARY PATHWAYS Evolution of The Department is committed to honoring veterans, active-duty service members, and their families. By implementing special fee waivers and expedited licensing, the Department can better assist service members as they grow in their career, wish to practice while stationed in the state, or settle in Florida at the end of their service. Previous Five-Year Totals 126